What a Great Summer!

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I (Mandy) was able to serve on two separate mission trips to Mérida this summer. In June I was able to help lead our volleyball mission trip. And in July I helped lead our basketball trip and Brady was able to go for his third straight summer!

Our volleyball team was able to serve in area missions during the mornings and lead volleyball clinics and played in completive games in the evenings. We were able to hand out bibles, tracts and share the gospel in unique ways. This trip lead to tremendous relationship building and has opened doors for Sports Crusaders to do future work in Merida and the surrounding areas.

In July, we sent an eight member basketball mission team. We had a full schedule leading clinics and playing in men’s and women’s basketball games with the help of players from team ESBA which is coached by Miguel Vado, coordinator of our mission trips. With clinics of all shapes and sizes (and talent levels) our team was able to incorporate a lot of new drills and ideas for leading our clinics that made them fun and beneficial for all the participants. After each clinic, our team was able to share their personal testimonies as well as the plan of salvation with clinic participants and spectators. During both trips, we saw many people of all ages hear the gospel and respond. What an amazing ministry this has been over the last twelve years! A lot of the team participants have served in Mérida on multiple trips. This speaks to the quality of these mission trips and the relationships that have been formed through the years.

It is amazing to see the relationships that form because of these trips. Because of this we have been able to form a strong foundation for the beginning of our full time ministry. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve on these trips and for our trip missionaries who make such a difference in the lives of our Mexican friends!


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