Giving Thanks

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Asbury Family!

We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving this week…yes even in Mexico…and we want to take time to reflect on just how much we have to be thankful for.

First, we want to continue to thank you, our donors for faithfully giving to us over the past two years. Although we have never been fully funded, you all have blessed us in so many ways and God has always provided. We thank you for serving through your giving.

Many of you already know that we will be returning to the States soon. We’ve seen God work in so many great ways here and we have learned so much not only about missions, but also missions training. While, we aren’t certain what the future holds for Sports Crusaders here in Mérida, we know that we are excited to come back to Missouri and continue working with Sports Crusaders to continue to help grow and develop the organization. We are excited to continue this relationship!

Finally, we want to give thanks for those who have come from the States to serve alongside us. You won’t ever know what it meant to us to see familiar faces to work with, serve with and just ‘be’ with.  We also want to give thanks for the people here in Mérida that we have had an opportunity to know and love as well as the new opportunities we have been given just in the past few months. Mandy has been teaching English classes in a bilingual Christian school which has opened doors for additional activities to continue to teach sports. Soccer is so popular here and although we don’t have a ton of experience with soccer, we have enjoyed teaching and playing with the kids weekly. We have made great relationships through our church and look forward to seeing how those relationships will grow. We are looking for God’s guidance on new direction here in Merida and look forward to seeing this develop. We also know that God is working in other new areas with Sports Crusaders internationally and we are so excited to be involved with these opportunities as well.

When we first came to Merida, we honestly didn’t know if we would be here for two years or two decades. Honestly, we were prepared to stay permanently if that is what God called us to do. But we are also delighted for the chance to come home. But as ready as we are to return, there is so much to do still. Honestly, it was easier for us to move here than it has been to go back.  As we make this transition, we would like to ask that you continue to support us financially and prayerfully. To help re-establish ourselves living in the States, we would ask that our donors continue to support us through June 2020. This way we can continue our work with Sports Crusaders as we find a home, other jobs and adjust to life back in the States. Missionary life doesn´t end when you physically leave the field. The ´re-entry´ can sometimes be the hardest part. So we will greatly appreciate your prayers over the next few months.

We’ll see each other soon, but in the meantime, will you keep us lifted up in prayer? Pray for us as we look for a house, jobs, cars etc. Pray that we’ll be patient and trust God in his timing. We also ask that you continue to pray for the ministries here in Merida that we have been blessed to be a part of:

Iglesia Bautista Eben-ezer

        Calvary Chapel Centro

        Seminario Bautista Piedra Angular

        Lighthouse Comunidad Educativa

        Casa Kim Children’s Home

        ESBA (basketball school) 



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