Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving from the Asbury Family! We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving this week…yes even in Mexico…and we want to take time to reflect on just how much we have to be thankful for. First, we want to continue to thank you, our donors for faithfully giving to us over the past two years. Although we have … More Giving Thanks


Preparing to GO

Wow!  Time can sure get a way from you! It´s been a while since we´ve last posted. We want to catch everyone up on what´s been happening here in Mérida and what we´ve got coming up. During the month of March we were able to take some time off and head back to the States … More Preparing to GO

We Are One

We Are One. This is a theme we have been working on for this summer. It is based from a passage of scripture in Ephesians 4:4-6 that is encouragement to unite as Christians into one body. One purpose. For there is one body and one Spirit, just as you have been called to one glorious … More We Are One

I remember coming across this article about a year ago and wondering how much of it actually rings true. We´ve been in the mission field for a little over a year now and as I was scanning through my saved articles, I came across it again. Sometimes it´s hard to know or imagine the heart … More

It´s hard to believe that the holidays are upon us! Although we will never experience our traditional fall weather here in Mérida, we have felt a little drop in temperature which has made it seem more like fall. The mornings are becoming a little cooler, helping us to enjoy our coffee a little more. We … More

If You Fail to Plan, then You Plan to Fail…Or Just Go With the Flow

¡Hola from Mérida! Our family prays that you had a good Easter and that spring time temperatures are finding you! We´ve experienced our first few 100+ degree days here and we are in the middle of a dry season. Its amazing how a cool, cloudy day can really brighten your spirits here!! Since arriving in … More If You Fail to Plan, then You Plan to Fail…Or Just Go With the Flow

It´s Official!

The year is moving quickly, March is here, and we are finally done with immigration for a while. This week was our final trip to immigration, at least until November. Our visa applications were accepted several weeks ago but last Wednesday we picked up our green cards or tarjeta verde. So, it is official, we … More It´s Official!